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Towerfall Ascension-best co-op games ever made

Towerfall Ascension-best co-op games ever made

To most people, Towerfall likely conjures images of frenetically firing arrows at and stomping on the heads of your friends. No, not in real life – although you might feel like it by the end of a few matches. But outside of killing your mates, there’s also the two-player co-op Quest mode. It might be cooperative, but Quest remains thrilling for the same reason as the versus mode: the danger posed by every arrow loosed by your friend. You’ll need to keep moving, too, picking up fired arrows to replenish your supply and bouncing down onto enemies’ heads – stray arrows are inevitable.

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The co-op aspect comes in the form of a shot from the other side of the single-screen arena that barely misses your ally, instead striking a skeleton or burying itself into the wall next to them so they can restock. Once you’re both feeling zen, you can even use your dash ability to grab stray arrows from the air and fire them as you land in one awesome motion. If two players trying not to kill each other isn’t enough, you can always grab the Dark World expansion and try not be killed by the arrows of three of your friends.

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